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Training Course on Applied Blockchain┬╗


This course is ideal for C-suite and decision makers in a wide variety of industries including finance, law, education, and government.

Course Objectives

Participants of this course will be able to:

  • Describe blockchain key principles
  • Describe cryptocurrency key principles
  • Describe cybersecurity of cryptocurrencies
  • Describe applications of blockchain to banking
  • Describe blockchain applications to fields other than banking
  • Describe legal and regulatory aspects of blockchain technology
  • Make effective decisions taking into account the key trends of blockchain technology implementation
  • Describe the implementation of financial tools for the cryptocurrencies
  • Create smart contracts
  • Create blockchain transactions
  • Create tokens
  • Create cryptocurrencies


5 days

Course outline

Session Title

Session Description

Program overview

Blockchain trends, fundamentals, and course overview

One Hour Blockchain

Build a one hour "naive blockchain" to explore components and principles

Blockchain in Financial Markets

Software, architectures, and applications of blockchain to financial markets

Blockchain platforms

Leading blockchain tools, open source, platforms, and ecosystems

Blockchain in Energy Markets

Software, architectures, and applications of blockchain to energy markets


Initial coin offerings, token sales, or crowdsales


Digital tokens designed to work as a medium of exchange

Permissioned, Private, Blockchains

Blockchain permissioned networks, identity, and custom rules

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Software, architectures, and applications of blockchain to supply chains


Blockchain Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Consensus Mechanisms

Blockchain consensus protocols & algorithms

Smart Contracts

Computer programs to facilitate, verify, or enforce contract performance

Blockchain Challenges

Blockchain scalability, mining, and centralization


Blockchain technology applications to cybersecurity


Legal and regulatory aspects of blockchain and smart contracts


Forks, leadership, and governance


Course Schedule

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