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Datastat Training Institute Best Information Technology courses in 2024

Discover Your Path to Excellence with Datastat's Diverse Courses. Elevate Your Skills with Expert-Led Learning. Join us on a journey of knowledge and professional growth. Enroll today to redefine your career trajectory with Datastat Training Institute.

No. Course Title Course Duration Registration
1 Training Course on Mobile Based Data Collection Tools For M&E ... 5 Days Course Details
2 Training Course on Microsoft Excel For Human Resource Professionals... 10 Days Course Details
3 Training Course on The Use Of ICT Tools In Epidemiology... 5 Days Course Details
4 Training Course On Implementation of ICT In Education With Moodle... 5 Days Course Details
5 Training Course on ICT For Public Participation, Leadership And Governance... 5 Days Course Details
6 Training Course on ICT For Disaster Response... 5 Days Course Details
7 Training Course on ICT For Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)... 5 Days Course Details
8 Training Course On Introduction To Corporate Communications... 5 Days Course Details
9 Training Course On Basic Skills In JavaScript, CSS, HTML... 5 Days Course Details
10 Training Course on Information security management... 5 Days Course Details
11 Training course on Introduction to VBA Programming... 5 Days Course Details
12 Training Course On Web-Based GIS And Mapping... 5 Days Course Details
13 Training Course On Android Application Development & Programming... 10 Days Course Details
14 Training Course on Digital Records Management... 5 Days Course Details
15 Training Course on Fundamentals of Data Science ... 5 Days Course Details
16 Training Course on Applied Blockchain... 5 Days Course Details
17 Training Course on Applied Cybersecurity... 5 Days Course Details
18 Training Course on Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non Engineers... 5 Days Course Details
19 Training Course on Digital Marketing... 5 Days Course Details
20 Training course on crowdfunding and online fundraising... 5 Days Course Details
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