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Training Course on Human Capital Development»


This course equips the participants with a knowledge to detect the skills, resources and competitive advantages in people, both internally within the organization and in a training role for consulting agencies or external recruitment agencies to hold a wide variety of professional positions: from head of training to head of career development, not forgetting talent manager, and HR specialist. Using coaching and mentoring techniques, one will explore talent development processes and learn the value of talent management and training, digital environments and systems of recognition and incentivization.

Target Audience: 

The target audience includes personnel managers and HR professionals as well as senior level managers in any organization. It is also for People who participate are professionals who practice their activity from the very structure as well as the ones who do it externally, in consultancies or companies of peoples formation and development.

Duration: 5 days

Course Objectives

  • Explain the keys to knowledge management.
  • Deal with techniques for the training and development of human capital.
  • Assess training and developing programmes.
  • Develop skills for young managers.
  • Explain the keys to Tutoring, Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Analyse complex situations arising within this field in a practical manner.

Course Contents: 

I.                    Overview of Human Capital and Professional Development

·         Planning and Organizing Human Resources

·         Trends and Issues

·         Other


II.                 Legal and Ethical Issues and Practices Related to Human Capital

·         Historical Perspectives

·         Ethical Issues

·         Personal and Organizational Ethical Practices

III.              Training and Professional Development: Contemporary Trends and Issues

·         Use of Technology for Increased Productivity

·         Professional Development for the 21st Century

·         Preparing for an Aging Work Force

·         Distance Training/Learning


IV.              Training and Professional Development: Organizational Growth and Development

·         Balancing Individual, Group and Organizational Needs

·         Organizational Development

·         Creating the Learning Organization

·         Learning Communities

V.                Training and Professional Development: Individual and Group Growth and Development

·         Planning, delivering, and evaluating training and staff development programs

·         Models of instructional design and staff development

·         Self-managing work teams

Description of Instructional Methodologies

The course will employ instructional methodologies that are consistent with the principles of adult learning examined in the course.  This means that various techniques will be strategically and selectively utilized as appropriate and that promote active learning and critical thinking.  These are likely to include large and small group discussions, presentations, in-class writing, cooperative learning, and case studies.

Start Date: 08/26/2019
End Date: 08/30/2019

Registration for this course has been closed. Please click ALL COURSES to view more future courses

Course Description

Course Duration: 5 days

Training Center: Datastat Research Center

Start Date: 08/26/2019

End Date: 08/30/2019

Registration for this course has been closed. Please click ALL COURSES to view more future courses

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