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Monitoring and evaluation skills are crucial to the designing and implementation of programs, analyzing data and conducting advocacy for health programs and populations. The course will present a practical guide on how to use geographical information systems in the integration, visualization and analysis of geographical data that will facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of related health programs. 


The training will take 5 days.

Targeted Audience

The training targets individuals and groups in the health sector.

Course Objectives

Upon completing the course, the participants will be able to:

·         Understand the methods and tools used in monitoring health sector programs

·         Establish ways to overcome barriers that influence effective health sector program monitoring.

·         Establish effective indicators to measure program outcomes

·         Use data analysis software package (STATA)

·         Monitor programme inputs, process and results that are essential in the management of health system performance.

·         Gain basic knowledge on how to analyze qualitative data to be used by health sector programmes



The methods for training will incorporate a blended learning approach where presentations, guided sessions, and practical training will be used. Additionally, the course will also utilize web-based tutorials and group work.  

Start Date: 09/02/2019
End Date: 09/06/2019

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