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Training Course on The Use Of ICT Tools In Epidemiology┬╗


The collection and integration of clinical data for the purpose of patient health management is becoming a reality at different aggregation levels. Although there is no world-wide Electronic Health Record format agreement, integration at regional and national levels is habitual in many countries. 

The use of ICT in epidemiology is traditionally considered from two complementary views. From one side, the collection of raw data through electronic means implies a big advance in the scalability, duration, and cost of the process. The use of the internet reduces costs, increases number of potential targets and enables a quick collection process. On the other side, ICT is used for developing and running mathematical methods to characterize and solve epidemiological models.

This course focuses on strengthening the knowledge and skills related to the utilization of software tools in investigating disease outbreaks. It is suitable for healthcare professionals.


5 days

Training Objectives

• To create electronic entry forms from paper questionnaires

• To enter merge, validate and clean data, manage datasets

• To randomly select controls

• To create epidemic curves and work with dates and times in Epidata or Excel

• To map epidemiological data

• To carry out analysis for cohort and case-control studies, including stratified and multivariable analysis

• To calculate study power and sample size for various study designs

• To produce a report of the outbreak study, interpreting results of the various analyses.

Course content

• Introduction to outbreak investigation, cohort and case-control studies

• Descriptive analysis of epidemiological data using Excel/Stata

• Creation of a questionnaire

• Data entry and validation using EpiData

• Analysis of place characteristics ;mapping of cases using QGIS

• Time series analysis; epidemic curve using Excel/Stata

• Bivariate analysis of epidemiological data using Stata


Course Fee: Ksh 80,000, USD 900

Course Schedule

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