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Training Course on ICT For Monitoring ยป


The demand to secure and visualize Quantifiable results is now greater than ever. It is therefore nearly impossible to apply conventional methods to analyze huge chunks of data that are normally the order of modern business. Thanks to various Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) tools, you can now address a wide range of data analysis needs. Common ICT tools that are in use today include social media analytics tools, mobile data collection systems, data visualization and mapping software, among others.

This 5-days course will help you to understandthese tools as well as how they are applied in gathering information, addressing project challenges, and assessing the results in order to make your project a success. You will learn various strategies and building skills to help you better collect, analyze, manage, and visualize data by means of diverse technology tools. 

Whether you work for a government agency, a private firm, a small non-profit establishment, or are simply planning to use ICT to monitor and evaluate information, this course if meant for you. 


•5 days

Training Objectives

• To critically analyze opportunities and pitfalls that transpire when working with technology to monitor and evaluate data.

• To design effective and dynamic strategies for using platforms and tools in order to improve monitoring and evaluation.

• To connect various development theories to the technological tools and strategies discussed in the course

• To design, control, and implement mobile data collection tools for monitoring and evaluation

• To manage specific technology tools and software platforms in monitoring and evaluation efforts.

• To develop critical self-confidence when working with technology to tackle monitoring and evaluation strategies.

Course Content

Module I: Introduction to ICT for M&E

• Overview of aspects of M&E and associated types of technology

• Data Responsibility

• Open Source data portal software

• Big Data and how it related to M&E

• Casestudy of World Bank Open Data Portal (The World Bank: Data)

• Open Data

• Overview of big data analytics

• Case study of Open Data Portals in Africa (Open Kenya)

Module II: Data Collection for M&E

• Mobile data collection

• Mobile data collection ( Open Data Kit)

• Social media analytics

• Remote Sensors

• Web surveys

• SMS data collection

• “Mixed Methods Approach”: collection methods for quantitative andqualitative data

• Data Storage: Excel and relational database

• Aggregating data from social media

Module III: Evaluation – Data Analysis and Visualization

• Dashboards

• Data Visualization

• Mapping

• Using Fusion Table and Google Maps for mapping M&E indicators

• Using Web visualization tools

Module IV: Integrating Technology-Enabled M&E

• Impact Evaluation

• Human Centered Design

• M&E databases

• Real-time M&E

• Satellite Imaging


Course Fee: Ksh 80,000, USD 900

Course Schedule

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