Title: Training Course on Conflict Management and Peace buildingĀ»

Training Course on Conflict Management and Peace building, Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya

The course commonly known as Peace Building Institute (PBI) focuses on enhancing capacities of peace building strategic actors across Africa to effectively and sustainably respond to the current and emerging challenges and new frontiers in peace and conflict mitigation. Diverse modules and components have been developed to ensure comprehensive training and skills development given different scenarios of conflicts in the continent. This includes conflicts within transitions and post-conflict reconstructions and challenges and dilemmas that emerge.


5 days.

Who Should Attend?

The course targets wide range of strategic actors – both state and non-state – and include non-governmental organizations, faith communities, and public servants interested in deepening their understanding on conflict transformation and wishing to work in conflict settings or committed to including conflict-sensitive approaches in their programme work.

Course Objectives

By the end of the training the learner should be able:

·  To provide opportunities for peace practitioners to learn conflict transformation and peace building skills

· To identify and explore theological foundations of peace building and conflicts resolution

·  To equip participants with knowledge and understanding of conflicts in Africa

· To enable participants, learn and understand dilemmas and challenges that encounter post-conflict reconstruction processes

·  To develop action plan and platform for sharing among participants as a follow-up strategy

Course Content

a. Conflicts in Africa; Historical perspectives on the entrenchment of violence.

b. Understanding the concepts of peace, justice and reconciliation.

c. Conflict resolution and social justice

d. The continuum of conflict resolution strategies.

e. Exploration of indigenous mechanisms and third-party intervention.

f. Dealing with victims

g. The challenges of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP’s)

h. Relief, rehabilitation and development as part of peace-building

i. Democratic peace-building processes.

j. Theological Foundations of Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

k. Conflict Resolution and Peace building Interventions: Approaches and Skills

l. After Violence: Sustainable Justice, Peace and Reconciliation


The instructor led trainings are delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

Key Notes

i. The participant must be conversant with English.

ii. Upon completion of training the participant will be issued with an Authorized Training Certificate

iii. Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.

iv. The course fee includes facilitation training materials, 2 coffee breaks, buffet lunch and a Certificate upon successful completion of Training.

v. One-year post-training support Consultation and Coaching provided after the course.

vi. Payment should be done at least a week before commence of the training, to DATASTAT CONSULTANCY LTD account, as indicated in the invoice so as to enable us prepare better for you.

Course Fee: Ksh 90,000, USD 1,100

Course Schedule

Start Date End Date Action
. 17/04/2023 21/04/2023 Register
. 22/05/2023 26/05/2023 Register
. 19/06/2023 23/06/2023 Register
. 17/07/2023 21/07/2023 Register
. 21/08/2023 25/08/2023 Register
. 18/09/2023 22/09/2023 Register
. 16/10/2023 20/10/2023 Register
. 20/11/2023 24/11/2023 Register
. 18/12/2023 22/12/2023 Register
. 04/12/2023 08/12/2023 Register
. 06/11/2023 10/11/2023 Register
. 02/10/2023 06/10/2023 Register
. 04/09/2023 08/09/2023 Register
. 07/08/2023 11/08/2023 Register
. 03/07/2023 07/07/2023 Register
. 05/06/2023 09/06/2023 Register
. 08/05/2023 12/05/2023 Register
. 03/04/2023 07/04/2023 Register