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Training Course On Cspro For Android And Smartphones»


This course will focus on building CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) applications for enumeration using Android tablets and Smartphone’s’. Participants will learn about ways to adapt survey instruments to smaller screens, to ensure data quality through integrated data checks, and to control the user interface and program flow using logic programming. Participants will also learn to build tools for survey management, tracking, and data transfer.


The course targets intermediate users of the Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) who currently use CSPro to implement CAPI or key from paper data processing systems and who desire a deeper understanding of techniques for implementing CAPI applications on Android. Learners will find this course useful if they are heavily involved in CSPro data processing tasks. Ideally, participants will have fully processed at least one census or survey in CSPro and can easily write basic CSPro logic.


5 Days


Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

• Design CAPI applications in CSPro for Android

• Understand advanced logic programming

• Control the flow of CAPI applications

• Capture CAPI applications using GPS coordinates

• Launch other Android applications 

• Track enumerator progress and efficiency

• Synchronize programs and Android data files 

• Design multi-lingual CAPI applications


• Introduction to CAPI applications

• Designing CAPI applications in CSPro for Android

• Response validation using advanced logic programming

• Controlling the flow of CAPI applications

• Dynamic customization of questions, responses, and forms at runtime

• Capturing and using GPS coordinates

• Managing data flow for CAPI surveys

• Tracking enumerator progress and efficiency

• Creating menu and control systems for enumerators and supervisors

• Synchronization of program and data files between Android devices and Internet servers 

• Designing multi-lingual CAPI applications


Meet admission criteria 


The workshop focuses on processing a population census or demographic survey, but participants are encouraged to bring any questionnaire relevant to their job responsibilities. It will be conducted in a hands-on, product-oriented environment. Each participant will have exclusive use of a computer, a tablet or Smartphone, and will receive the latest version of the CSPro software.


Course Fee: Ksh 80,000, USD 900

Course Schedule

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