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Training Course on Corporate Social Responsibility»


This training course delves into the concept of corporate social responsibility, which examines whether organizations should  play a bigger role by considering the impact of the company’s activities rather than simply serving its stakeholders.


5 days.


Professionals in private companies, international organizations, NGOs, and governments who would like to learn and apply the comcpet of CSR will find this program helpful.


·         Analyze the complex issues that confront organizational leaders as they develop CSR programs.

·         Investigate the associations between corporate procedure and CSR and the effect on foundational hierarchical standards, for example, mission and vision.

·         Analyze the impact of CSR implementation on corporate culture, particularly as it relates to social issues.

·         Compare and differentiate the various perspectives and tradeoffs that exist in the range of CSR.

·         Demonstrate a multi-partner point of view in survey CSR issues.

·         Evaluate the level of commitment to CSR of various organizations and explain how it can be a source of competitive advantage.

·         Examine the scope and complexity of corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Module 1. The Importance and Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility

·         CSR Evolution

·         CSR and social legitimacy

·         CSR expectations in rich and in poor societies

·         Moral and economic arguments for CSR

·         Moral and economic arguments for CSR

Module 2. The Role of Stakeholders in CSR

·         Corporate response to citizen demands via CSR

·         Globalization and CSR

·         Stakeholder advocacy

·         Success and failure with CSR initiatives

·         The communications revolution and its effect on CSR

·         The five stages of organizational growth in CSR

·         The role of business in society

Module 3. The Strategic Importance of CSR Implementation

·         CSR as competitive advantage

·         Environmental and other global forces propelling CSR

·         Impact of globalization and communications technologies

·         Implementing CSR

·         The business-level CSR threshold

·         The strategic CSR model

Module 4. Case Studies in Economic, Organizational, and Societal CSR Issues

·         Economic/business issues (branding, diversity, sustainability, fair trade, wages)

·         Organizational issues (actions versus intentions, corporate commitment, voluntary versus mandatory, stakeholder activism)


·         Social issues (outsourcing, corruption, human rights, patents)

Start Date: 07/02/2018
End Date: 07/06/2018

Ksh 70000, $ 800

Course Description

Course Duration: 5 days

Training Center: Datastat Research Center

Start Date: 07/02/2018

End Date: 07/06/2018

Fee: Ksh 70000, $ 800

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